A former Broward County assistant principal accused of texting a 17-year-old student about booze, drugs and masturbation won’t be allowed to work in a Florida school for at least a year.

Paul Seay, 46, resigned from his post at Stranahan High in Fort Lauderdale last April after a district investigation determined he had sent at least two dozen inappropriate messages to the male student.

Seay couldn’t be reached for comment Thursday. There was no indication he had inappropriate physical conduct with the student and he has no record of arrest.

The state Education Practices Commission last month suspended his education license for a year and fined him $1,000. If he wants his license back he must take a college-level course on adolescent development, a state report showed.

The text messages, all sent during the 2016-17 school year, include:

— “Wanted to make sure you didn’t wear yourself out too much last night during your sexcapade.”

— Several photos of a “Do Not Disturb” sign with the caption, “I’m busy masturbating. Do not disturb,” followed by the message, “Damn. Now got lotion on the phone.”

— Pictures of a woman in a swimsuit and a bottle of cognac with the caption, “Need some of this and this. Will explain when you get older. LOL.”

— A photo message with the caption, “Masturbation you say. Ha, I was simply providing life support to a dear friend of mine.”

— A photo message with the caption, “Life is like a penis. It’s short but looks long when it gets hard.”

— A photo message with profanity, followed by “get the bong.”

The state commission said Seay harmed the student’s well being and his ability to learn. Seay also “intentionally exposed a student to unnecessary embarrassment or disparagement,” the state report says.

Seay had worked for the district since 2000. In addition to Stranahan, he had served as an assistant principal at Boyd Anderson High in Lauderdale Lakes, Forest Glen Middle in Coral Springs and Crystal Lake Middle in Pompano Beach. In the early 2000s, he taught fourth grade at Sunland Park Elementary in Fort Lauderdale and sixth grade at Rickards Middle in Oakland Park.