Jacksonville, FL.  Blue Line Investigative Solutions of North Florida, LLC, a leading provider of consulting and investigative services throughout Florida, is pleased to announce their expansion of services to include Safety & Security Assessments of businesses, schools and places of worship.  Our team is comprised of former law enforcement officers who have been trained by the Florida Attorney General’s Office in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CEPTED) and have extensive experience in conducting safety and security assessments in business and school environments.

Blue Line Investigative Solutions of North Florida provides safety and security consulting support to assess, mitigate, plan, and implement security measures in your environment.  Our approach to security risk assessments is as a management consultant. We work with our clients to ascertain their concerns, needs, and at all times encourage their input, because they know their culture and community better than an outsider.

“This expansion provides our clients the ability to review their current safety and security plans and implement the necessary changes to provide the safest environment possible for their customers and staff, thereby reducing potential liability for their organization” said Mike Fisten, co-founder of Blue Line Investigative Solutions, which first opened its South Florida doors in 2009.

If you would like more information about these services, please visit our website at www.bluelineisnf.com or call Dan DeCoursey at 904-334-1064 , email ddecoursey@bluelineisnf.com