Jacksonville, FL, Blue Line Investigative Solutions of North Florida LLC, is pleased to announce their expansion of services to include Drug Overdose Investigative Services. In 2018, the CDC reported 4,698 drug overdose deaths in the state of Florida. On September 6, 2020, the City of Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department reported that in 2016, they responded to 180 opioid-related calls. In 2020, that number rose to 243.  “For us in the field, sadly, it’s an everyday call,” said Capt. Eric Prosswimmer, who works behind the scenes for JFRD. “It doesn’t matter your background, your upbringing, wherever you live. It doesn’t matter. It hits everybody.” (News4Jax, 09/06/2020)
All too often, families discover one of their loved ones are experimenting with drugs for recreational purposes. This activity often develops into an addiction, which sometimes results in a very untimely and tragic loss of life.  It is entirely unfortunate, but due to the prevailing opioid epidemic, thousands of families will continue to lose loved ones to drug overdoses every year.   On occasion, unanswered questions exist by the family, and in many cases law enforcement and medical professionals who investigate these deaths are unable to provide the necessary closure to the loved ones left behind.
Our team of investigators have over 75 years of combined narcotics investigative experience and will conduct a thorough investigation providing detailed information to give the client closure. Our comprehensive investigation may also assist law enforcement and prosecutors in filing criminal charges as well as civil action against those individual(s) who were culpable in the death of the loved one.
For further information visit our website www.bluelineisnf.com or call 904-334-1064 with any questions you might have