Comprehensive Background Checks in North Florida

Comprehensive Background Checks

Our background screening services are competitively priced and fully customized to mitigate risk, create efficiency and empower your decision-making. Our comprehensive background checks and investigations are conducted utilizing reliable and accurate data services coupled with exceptional turnaround times. Our customized background screening options provide background check solutions for employers, healthcare providers, legal community, and personal needs. Our success in client retention lies in our ability to develop long-term relationships based on the quality of work product, quick turnaround times and the comprehensive reports we provide.

Legal Background Investigations

Legal Background Investigations are for attorneys and insurance purposes. The legal background investigation starts with confirming information such as name, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number and last known address. Our investigation also reveals whether the subject has aliases or false social security numbers, along with criminal history, including prosecutions and convictions.

One of the most important aspects of the legal background investigation is a thorough search for prior litigation. This includes cases where the subject is either a plaintiff or defendant. This may include searches in several jurisdictions in the event the subject has moved frequently. We also obtain information regarding bankruptcies, liens, judgments and notices of default in their records.

The more in-depth legal background investigation addresses the overall personality of the subject, personal habits, dating habits, family situation, divorces, substance abuse issues, standing in the community, civic affiliations and other such personal information.

Personal Background Checks

Personal background checks are for people wanting to research the background of someone in their life and can offer the peace of mind when making decisions about the future. Our full-background checks are confidential and personal, thereby keeping the person being investigated unaware of the investigation.

Our investigations include information such as their age, marital status, address histories, phone numbers, email addresses, criminal prosecutions and convictions. We also provide information related to debt problems in the past, including bankruptcies, liens, and judgments. The investigations obtain information related to the possible use of false social security numbers, and aliases or AKA’s (“also known as”). We can also locate previous lawsuits, identifying if they were the plaintiff or defendant of legal action in the past. Our investigations can also include contact with neighbors and associates to find out about personal habits, dating history, alcohol or drug use, personal lifestyle, social status and civic and community affiliations. All this is conducted using pretexts, so no one knows the personal background investigation is being conducted.

Pre-Employment Background Checks

If you are hiring a new employee, a pre-employment background check should be conducted before the hire. If you hire a third party to conduct these background checks, they fall under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and your procedures must comply with the laws under this Act. The most important of these is that the employer must get the consent of the prospective employee before conducting the background search. The specific things that normally comprise these searches include criminal history records, address histories, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, and work history. Other items can include verifying education and interviewing references when requested.

Our investigators are the best source for pre-employment background checks because they are experienced at not only research, but also identifying deception. Background checks for employees are essential for getting the best employee for the job. They also serve as protection for the employer in the event the employee does something negligent and in some cases, the company held liable for failing to properly vet the employee.

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