Stalking Investigations

Stalking is a pervasive and insidious crime that often leaves victims feeling helpless and vulnerable. While law enforcement agencies play a crucial role in investigating and prosecuting stalking cases, the complexities and nuances of these crimes sometimes require additional expertise and manpower. This is where our private investigators step in, offering specialized skills and resources to complement law enforcement and provide much-needed support to victims.  Here’s how we can assist with your stalking case:

  1. Gathering Evidence:

Our investigators are adept at collecting traditional and digital evidence that can strengthen your case. Surveillance, background checks, and forensic analysis can uncover crucial information about the stalker’s identity, behavior patterns, and potential motives. This evidence can supplement the findings by law enforcement agencies and provide a more comprehensive picture of the situation.

  1. Conducting Threat Assessments:

Our investigators can conduct a thorough threat assessment to evaluate the level of risk the stalker poses. By analyzing the stalker’s history, behavior, and potential escalation factors, we can develop a tailored safety plan to reduce risk and protect the victim. These assessments are invaluable in determining the appropriate course of action and mitigating the risk of harm.

  1. Assisting with Legal Proceedings:

Our team of private investigators can assist attorneys and law enforcement agencies in preparing for legal proceedings related to your stalking case. From conducting witness interviews to gathering documentary evidence and serving subpoenas, our expertise in investigative techniques and courtroom procedures can strengthen the prosecution’s case and the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Our team comprises former law enforcement professionals who engage in stalking investigations daily, offering us a distinct advantage over those who only tackle such tasks sporadically.

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Our team of former law enforcement professionals conduct stalking investigations daily, not just once in a while, giving us the advantage over those who perform the task occasionally.