North Florida Computer Crimes and Digital Forensics Investigations

Digital forensic evidence is a powerful tool that can be used in any type of investigation. The scientific precision and accuracy of digital forensics can help prove or disprove a crime or alleged activity. The data found on various electronic devices contain codes that, once unlocked, can answer questions with a remarkable degree of certainty. Our forensic computer examiners can piece together this information to assist with almost any investigation. We will do whatever we can to prove or disprove an allegation.

Digital artifacts from messaging, text messages and social media can provide a surprising level of detail about a subject’s motivations, attitudes, and activities and can help identify covert behavior.

Text messages, emails, instant messaging and images or video are often associated with metadata, which are dates, times and other logged information relating to digital activity. By analyzing this hidden data on cell phones, laptops, or other devices, our team of investigators can create timelines of activities and conversations. Recovered information is then used for additional investigate purposes, and it will also help in legal proceedings.

Our forensic computer examiners can also recover data from damaged or non-functional devices and even recover intentionally deleted or hidden files, texts, instant messages or emails. Our team of expert computer forensic investigators can retrieve information from almost any device.

Blue Line Investigative Services knows how important information is, especially in legal proceedings and investigations. That is why our team specializes in recovering digital forensic evidence and will document the findings for presentation in legal proceedings. We know that the truth is invaluable, and we put our findings to good use to deliver peace of mind. You can trust Blue Line Investigative Services to provide the digital forensic evidence you need to support your case.

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