Safety & Security Assessments

Blue Line Investigative Solutions of North Florida, LLC provides safety and security consulting support to assess, mitigate, plan, and implement security measures in educational facilities, off-campus activities, events, places of worship and business environments.

Let Our Certified Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CEPTED) Security Consultants Reduce the Risk of Violence at Your Business, Church or School

We provide professional, unbiased, and independent expertise based on proven industry standards and best practices. Our primary focus is on proven security measures and best practices with the long-term safety and security interests of your school, school district, church and businesses’ neighborhood in mind.

safety and vulnerability assist for your school

What Our Safety & Security Vulnerability Assessments Include

  • Safety, security, and emergency planning measures
  • Liaison with local public safety agencies
  • Assessment and recommendations for lockdown plans
  • Review of evacuation plans
  • Evaluation of district & site-specific emergency preparedness plans
  • Evaluation of district & site-specific crisis response teams
  • Assessment of district & site-specific security measures
  • Evaluation of past security drills

Why You Can Trust Our Thorough Safety & Security Vulnerability Assessment for Your Business, Church or School

The overall intent of our Safety & Security Risk Assessment is to ensure that the proper crime prevention measures are in place. We ensure:

  • Technology is being utilized appropriately
  • Security measures are tested and evaluated on a regular basis
  • Security policies/protocols are up-to-date and relevant
  • Your liability exposure is minimal
  • Access control measures are in place and appropriately designed and working
  • Training is current and the instructors are properly vetted
  • Communication systems are evaluated
  • The interior and exterior of all buildings are evaluated for proper security measures
  • And other approved and tested measurement standards

Why Blue Line Investigative Solutions of North Florida is Different than Other School Security “Experts”

Our approach to security risk assessments is as a management consultant. We work with our clients to ascertain their concerns, needs, and at all times we encourage their input because they know their culture and community better than an outsider.

We believe Your School Safety & Security Risk Assessment Should Not Require the Expending of an Excessive Amount of Money and Resources.

We also believe Prevention Is the Ideal Approach, and provide a unique site-specific security assessment for your site

safety and vulnerability assistance by professional law enforcement personnel

Blue Line Investigative Solutions of North Florida, LLC provides our clients with an independent assessment by former law enforcement professionals in emergency management and security.

  • Our team has received training from the Florida Attorney General’s Office in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design(CEPTED) and CPTED in Schools.
  • Our team of professionals also maintain the highest degree of continuing education and advanced training in this field.
  • Our Senior Partner, Dan DeCoursey, possesses over 15 years of School Policing experience in Public School Systems and truly understands the importance of school safety and campus safety. Mr. DeCoursey’s experience includes:
  • Participation with numerous school safety & security committees
  • Former Chief and Deputy Chief of two school police departments
  • Former School Resource Officer and School Investigator
  • In 2007, he was designated as a Crime Prevention Practitioner by the Florida Attorney General’s Office
  • Understanding what the parents and community demand in keeping their children and school safe, along with what steps administrators have taken to prevent breach in security incidents

For a free confidential consultation with one of our team members, call us at 904-334-1064, or email