Bug Sweep & Eavesdropping Detection Services

Blue Line Investigative Solutions of North Florida, LLC. now offers bug sweep and eavesdropping detection services. In today’s society, it is imperative you take control of your privacy and your life to avoid such things as public embarrassment, stolen technology, loss of work contract, extortion, loss of business and bankruptcy. Our team uses the most sophisticated equipment in detecting radiofrequency (RF) and infrared (IR) emissions to include the detection of electronic devices, even when they are not active. We have been trained and certified by Research Electronics International in verifying that the area examined is not under unauthorized interception or surveillance.  In utilizing our services, we detect threats, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses that can be exploited in such a way that leads to unauthorized and illegal observations. Our team specializes in locating silent intruders, which could be found in your home, office, vehicle, business, or government facilities.  While most companies only provide a cursory sweep, our team provides an in-depth review of the circumstances surrounding a potential breach by conducting an actual investigation!

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