North Florida Surveillance Services

Surveillance Services

Blue Line Investigative Solutions specializes in discrete surveillance. We have many years of experience in the field, performing surveillance for law enforcement and civilians alike. Our team of former law enforcement professionals conduct private investigator surveillance investigations daily, not just once in a while, giving us the advantage over those who perform the task occasionally.

Our surveillance investigators are prepared for every assignment and are familiar with the area and use of digital video surveillance equipment. Our vehicles are equipped with tinted windows, so the investigator can obtain a surveillance position in close proximity to the subject to provide a clear identification shot. Our team is also prepared to follow the subject into a hotel, place of employment or restaurant, in order to obtain the evidence necessary utilizing hidden cameras for still photographs and videos. We have the knowledge and the technology to go where other private investigators cannot.

Our experienced surveillance investigators are able to rely on their experience to enable them to obtain the type of photographic evidence that novice surveillance investigators would not have a chance to obtain. No stone will be left unturned, and you can trust that our investigators will get all the information that they can for your case.

Our lead surveillance investigator also provides the client with their cell phone number and keeps the lines of communication open via text message, phone calls and emails, directly from the surveillance location. No client will be left in the dark about their investigation, and they will get the information that they need from our investigators.

If you are in need of discrete private investigator surveillance, then give us a call now and receive a confidential consultation from our surveillance expert!

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