Negligent Security Cases

Negligent security cases often arise when individuals suffer harm due to inadequate security measures on-premises, leading to injuries or property damage. Our investigators play a vital role in such cases, providing essential expertise and resources to uncover crucial evidence and support legal proceedings.

Here’s how our team can assist with negligent security cases:

  1. Conducting Thorough Investigations:
    Our investigators conduct comprehensive investigations to uncover evidence of negligence by property owners or managers. This may involve examining security protocols, reviewing surveillance footage, interviewing witnesses, and assessing the area’s criminal activity history. By meticulously gathering relevant information, our investigators can establish how security measures failed to protect the victim.
  2.  Identifying Security Weaknesses:
    Our team is CPTED certified as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Practitioners by the Florida Attorney General’s Office. They possess specialized knowledge in security protocols and risk assessment, enabling them to identify weaknesses in a property’s security infrastructure. Whether it’s inadequate lighting, malfunctioning surveillance cameras, or gaps in perimeter fencing, investigators can pinpoint factors that contributed to the incident and demonstrate how they could have been addressed to prevent harm.
  3. Establishing Duty of Care:
    In negligent security cases, proving that the property owner or manager owed a duty of care to the victim is crucial. Our investigators can gather evidence to establish the existence of a duty of care, such as contractual agreements, industry standards, or prior incidents that should have alerted the property owner to the need for enhanced security measures. This evidence strengthens the plaintiff’s argument and increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.
  4. Documenting Damages:
    Our team of investigators, play a key role in documenting the damages suffered by the victim due to the security breach. This may involve compiling medical records, obtaining statements from healthcare professionals, assessing property damage, and documenting emotional distress experienced by the victim. By presenting a clear and comprehensive picture of the harm inflicted, investigators help strengthen the plaintiff’s case for compensation.
  5. Providing Expert Testimony:
    Our team possesses expertise in security practices and risk assessment and can offer invaluable testimony as expert witnesses in negligent security cases. Their insights into industry standards, best practices, and the foreseeability of criminal activity can help jurors understand the complexities of the case and make informed decisions. Expert testimony can be instrumental in establishing liability and securing a favorable outcome for the plaintiff.

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