Workplace Misconduct Investigations in Florida

Because workplace misconduct investigations can have serious ramifications for employers and organizations, selecting the right investigative team is critical. Blue Line Investigative Solutions of North Florida’s team of investigators have over 30 years of Internal Affairs / Professional Standards experience in law enforcement, government and corporate environments.   Our Investigators have been utilized in the most sensitive of circumstances, those calling for highly skilled, independent professionals whose judgment and integrity are trusted implicitly.

Workplace investigations, when handled properly, minimize risk and help to avoid costly litigation and judgments. A well-trained, impartial and thorough investigator who understands the importance of confidentiality, the investigative process, documentation and employment law is critical.

Blue Line Investigative Solutions of North Florida’s Investigators are all licensed in the state of Florida and have performed hundreds of workplace misconduct investigations. They are skilled in the complicated and often litigation-bound issues companies face when an investigation is required.

Our team of former law enforcement officers have served as Internal Affairs detectives, as well as supervisors, and have investigated criminal violations, complaints and other improper conduct against employees to include workplace violence, discrimination, sexual harassment, and whistle-blower complaints. They have also served as liaisons with law enforcement agencies regarding criminal and internal workplace investigations, as well as safety-related concerns or issues. Our team has also conducted comprehensive background and other investigations of current and new employees; preparing detailed case reports, along with testifying in both administrative and criminal court proceedings.

We assist our clients in identifying potential problems as well as opportunities for improvement, thereby allowing them to take the appropriate action related to both employees and safety-related deficiencies or liabilities. We also provide guidance and assistance to the clients in relation to the organization’s guidelines and procedures for documenting deficiencies. We assist legal counsel in the analysis and preparation of administrative cases related to employee misconduct for arbitration and civil lawsuits.  Our team takes an active role in the preparation of pre-disciplinary hearings to enhance and protect the employer’s interest.

In the event workplace misconduct has been brought to your organization’s attention and you would like our assistance, we can be reached at (904) 334-1064 or email